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How It Works

  • Each package has a different number of monthly credits.
  • Redeem you credits any time you wish: all at once, over the course of the month and, some plans allow you to roll over unused credits to be used later.
  • 1 credit can be redeemed for a medium-length article (500 words).
    2 credits can be redeemed for a long article (1000 words).
    3 credits can be redeemed for an extra long article (1500 words).
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1 credit

500 words

One credit earns a 500-word article. This is a medium-sized article, or the minimum recommended length for SEO purposes.

2 credits

1000 words

Two credits earn a 1000-word article. This is a nice, hefty article perfect for explaining complex concepts. Longer content is better for SEO.

3 credits

1500 words

Three credits earns a 1500-word article. This is a longform article perfect for going in depth. Longer articles are best for SEO.

Where can I use my content?

Anywhere you wish! Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

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Writing Samples

See some examples of what our writers can do for your business.

4 Big Tips for Improving Customer Experience in Your Business

As entrepreneurs, my peers and I love to compare notes on how we can get better at  business. Buzzwords like “efficiency,” “growth hacking,” “scale,” and “strategy” all come to mind. But today I want to share some tips about one topic that isn’t discussed nearly as often as those. You’d think since we never talk

What to Do When Your Cat is Sneezing

If your cat is sneezing a lot lately, you might chalk it up to allergies. After all, that is often the case for humans. But allergies are not as likely to be the reason your cat is sneezing. Instead, sneezing could be a sign of another illness. Read on to learn what might be the

5 Ways to Get Rid of Mosquitoes Naturally

This time of year, the weather is perfect for outdoor gatherings like backyard barbecues, sports, and weddings. But what do you do when your time outside is being ruined by annoying mosquitoes? Many insect repellants on the market today contain harmful chemicals that you don’t want on your skin or near your home. Fortunately, there