Choose Your Roll

Your “roll” (monthly subscription) consists of a monthly allotment of total words in the form of credits. Each credit is worth 500 words of content.

For example, say you order the basic plan below. With 2 credits, you can order either 2 500-word articles or 1 1000-word article. After redeeming your credits, you would have 6 credits left before your plan renews the following month.

Starter Plan: 4 Monthly Credits
2,000 total words per month
$100 per credit
Get 4 500-word articles, OR
2 1000-word articles
Basic Plan: 8 Monthly Credits
Unused credit rollover
4,000 total words per month
$91 per credit
Get 8 500-word articles, OR
4 1000-word article, OR
2 1500-word articles + 1 1000-word article
Premium Plan: 12 Monthly Credits
Unused credit rollover
6,000 total words per month
$85 per credit
Get 12 500-word articles per month, OR
6 1000-word articles per month, OR
4 1500-word articles per month, OR
2 1500-word articles per month + 6 500-word articles, OR...


How can you write about content in my niche when you don’t know anything about it?

We wrote a whole article answering this question because we get it so often! Check it out by clicking here.

You’d be surprised what our writers are able to research on their own and, in combination with the information you submit to us, produce great content in your area of expertise. Additionally, the revision process is designed as an opportunity to work out kinks related to industry specialization.

Whenever you request a certain change specific to your industry in your content, we add this information to your customer file. When our team goes to produce your next piece of content, we consult these requests to ensure that your content has fewer and fewer changes each time, even if you don’t have the same writer.

We get this question so often that we have devoted a whole article to explaining how our process works for every person and just about every industry. Read more by clicking here.


Who are your writers? What qualifies them to write for my company?

All of our writers are sourced through our competitive vetting process. Only 15% of writers who apply become a Content Roll writer. All of our writers are native English speakers and are trained to write according to the Content Roll standard. All content is professionally edited and checked for originality.


Can the content be on any topic?

Yes, for the most part. If your content is highly specialized and requires a writer with tons of experience in a very specialized niche, we may not be the service for you. We also reserve the right to refuse content topics that we deem inappropriate.


How many revisions are allowed?

We allow for 1 revision on each piece of content.


Can Content Roll ghostwrite for me?

Yes, definitely. Our writing team does not require a byline for content written.


Do blog articles come with stock images or other images?



Can I keep the same writer?

Yes! We’re so glad that you like working with your writer. If you’d like to request to be assigned to a particular writer long-term, just let us know and we’ll make sure it happens.


Can I stop my subscription at any time?

Yes. Keep the credits you’ve already paid for and use them anytime within:

1 month of credit issue date (Starter Plan)

3 months of credit issue date (Basic and Premium Plans)

Do credits expire?

Subscribers of the Starter Plan:

Your credits must be used within a month of being issued or they expire.

You can still use your credits until 1 month after they are issued even if you cancel your plan.

You will receive an email one week before your plan is going to cancel so that you have time to redeem your credits.

Subscribers of the Basic or Premium Plans:

Your unused credits “roll over” to be used anytime within 3 months of being issued. After that, those unused credits will expire.

You have 3 months from the issue of your credits to redeem your credits, even if you cancel your plan.

You will receive an email a week before your plan is going to cancel so that you have time to redeem your credits.


What if I need more content than my monthly subscription allows?

You can always buy more credits to add to your existing plan if you run out. If you need more credits, feel free to email us at hello[at]


Can agencies sign up for Content Roll?

Yes! This is a great way to supplement your agency’s high-quality content without hiring in-house.


Can I have a refund on credits already purchased?

No, sorry!


What lengths of content are available?

500-word articles, 1,000-word articles, and 1,500-word articles.


I need content in smaller portions than 500 words. Can you do that?

No, sorry. If you need smaller portions of text than Content Roll, we might not be the right service for you.


I’d like to divide my allotted content into 750-word articles (or 600-word articles, or 1,200-word articles). Is there an option to do this?

No, not at this time.


I have a question that I don’t see listed here. How can I get in touch? 

Sure thing! You can email us anytime at hello[at]